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Citrine cufflinks Citrine cufflinks QUICK VIEW

Citrine cufflinks


Inspired by friends and family asking whether we can make cufflinks for the men!  Hand-picked individual Citrine stones set in solid sterling silve...
Hannah ring - Blue Topaz Hannah ring - Blue Topaz QUICK VIEW

Hannah ring - Blue Topaz


without diamonds
Energies / Powers Topaz is a powerful yet calming stone, balancing emotions, releasing tensions and bringing joy. Topaz is also believed to bring s...
Rose Quartz Bracelet Rose Quartz Bracelet QUICK VIEW

Rose Quartz Bracelet


Energies / Powers The most famous love stone, quickly warming to the touch and enhancing interpersonal relationships. Inspiration / Description  A ...
Pure Silver Triangular and Circle earrings Pure Silver Triangular and Circle earrings QUICK VIEW

Pure Silver Triangular and Circle earrings


Inspiration / Description  These earrings are inspired by a jewellery workshop I attended.  After all the bending, cutting, welding and polishing, ...
Purple Quartz cufflinks edgy Purple Quartz cufflinks edgy QUICK VIEW

Purple Quartz cufflinks edgy


Energies / PowersPurple Quartz is the stone of spirituality and dream recall. Used for contentment and meditation. Provides common sense and flexib...
Pure Silver Friendship bracelet Pure Silver Friendship bracelet QUICK VIEW

Pure Silver Friendship bracelet


Burgundy Red
Inspiration / Description  I’ve created here a simple range of friendship bracelets using high quality colourful jewellery strings embedded with p...
Lotus ring Lotus ring QUICK VIEW

Lotus ring


Description  This beautiful hand-made lotus ring comes in sterling silver, electroplated in a rose gold colour with brushed sterling silver petals,...

Lotus ring

from US$360.00 - US$825.00
Crystal Skull Earrings Crystal Skull Earrings QUICK VIEW

Crystal Skull Earrings


Inspiration / Description  A more goth-inspired piece, I’ve used the same crystal skulls that you’ll find in the bracelet range, and to make it sl...
Lucky Bracelets Lucky Bracelets QUICK VIEW

Lucky Bracelets


Inspiration / Description  A series of simple yet beautifully woven strings, each including three different silver charms (a mix of ethnic bells, b...
Cubic Earrings Cubic Earrings QUICK VIEW

Cubic Earrings


Inspiration / Description  A variation of the dangly ear-ring concept, here I’ve created two short strings suspended from the silver clasp, both w...
Green Phantom Silver Bracelet Green Phantom Silver Bracelet QUICK VIEW

Green Phantom Silver Bracelet


Energies / Powers This bracelet comprises clear quartz crystals embedded with green phantoms, a natural green growth that occurs when the crystal g...
Coloured (Blue/Green) Crystal Cube bracelet Coloured (Blue/Green) Crystal Cube bracelet QUICK VIEW

Coloured (Blue/Green) Crystal Cube bracelet


Energies/Powers Blue Crystal: Brings truth, loyalty, peaceful dreams, healing, relieves pain.Green Crystal: Brings harmony, heart chakra, growth, p...

About us

andStrings was established in 2014, the name originating from our early designer pieces made with jewellery strings, coupled with a variety of materials such as silver, crystal, wood, beads and semi-precious stones.  We aim to create simple chic jewellery, designed from scratch and hand-crafted piece by piece, not costing exorbitant amounts of money, yet still of very high quality.  Currently there are three of us running the company, our different skills and backgrounds from Hong Kong and London complementing each other in classic jewellery creation, modern graphic design and digital ecommerce.

Our design philosophy is to bring contemporary styling and a non-bling approach back into everyday wear.  Materials are carefully selected from a number of local suppliers, with many of our stones cut to size from larger pieces, and with the various metals we use either formed in cast-iron moulds or shaped by hand.  Local craftsmen and women skilled in string-knitting and knot-making techniques help us to assemble and construct each piece.  All our andStrings jewellery can be styled, stacked and personalised.  Mix and match it as much as you like. We also encourage made-to-order pieces, so if you see something you like but want it made slightly differently, or have another style in mind altogether, just let us know.  Recently we have processed into more expensive designs using 18ct gold and Japanese pearls, yet still hand-completed with the help of local skills. 

We want you to have an enjoyable customer experience with us, from the moment you arrive at our website, to browsing through our jewellery, asking any questions, making an order and through to the secure delivery of your hand-picked piece.  You’ll find personal touches and attention to detail throughout your purchase journey, and we also have a great after-sales service in case of need.  If having chosen something, you then find it’s not quite to your liking when it arrives, we’ll be happy to exchange if for something else. 

We’re going to keep andStrings on a personal level, putting our hearts and souls into creating something modern, unique and long-lasting for our customers and our friends. Where we go from here partly depends on the feedback on the website, suggestions on our designs, and of course the number of orders we receive!  Ideas currently in the pipeline include an "industrial" collection, as well as more gold and pearl designs using different moulds and techniques under development.  

We hope you like what you see, and do please enjoy the experience. 


Christina, William and Martin



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