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  • Apatite Gemstone bracelet
  • Apatite Gemstone bracelet

Apatite Gemstone bracelet

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Product details

Energies / Powers

Apatite is an inspirational stone which is said to contain positive power to achieve goals. Known as a dual-action stone, it helps to clear away confusion and apathy, then stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge. 

Inspiration / Description 

Quite a complex little piece, it starts off with two contrasting jewellery strings, the black loop supporting several dark blue/green apatite stones separated by four silver beads, while from the light grey loop hangs loosely a sterling silver leaf.  The two strings then interconnect with a beautiful dark red knot, and are finished off with two further silver beads.

Easily adjustable, slip this on in the morning and be inspired for the day!

Materials used / Dimension / Size

  • Apatite Gemstone 4mm beads
  • Black jewellery string and light grey silk string
  • Silver leaf pendant approximately 10 x 5mm
  • Pure sterling silver 4mm beads and two more as closure
  • Bracelet adjustable to fit any size of wrist.
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