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Small Shops, Big Hearts


Christina Yung

I want to let the stories speak for themselves.

I want to celebrate these people for who they are.

I know that so many of the people I have interviewed are approaching the time when they can no longer continue their trades: the future feels so uncertain. This book – a collection of stories and photos focusing on my personal encounters with the shop owners, our chit-chats and laughs, insights and memories, and the everyday feel of these shops across Hong Kong – has been a most humble learning experience. I write to honour people’s lives. I write to show my appreciation for their trades. I write to preserve cultural heritage. I am trying to create a sustainable future for these trades and services that for decades – or even centuries – have been an integral part of Hong Kong life.


我沒有忘記初衷,奔波尋訪,走入店鋪,與店家談工作日常也談行業的微歷史,用僅有的技術拍照,再盡力把他們的說話記下來,即使不擅長也用心寫作, 戰戰兢兢跨過種種難關,是為了要讓人重新認識一些式微甚至行將消失的老店、一眾年紀漸長的店家和老工匠,以及他們引以為傲的工藝。