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  • Anastasia earrings - Lemon quartz

Anastasia earrings - Lemon quartz


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These stunning solid rose gold earrings are designed to match the Anastasia ring collection.  They come with a choice of stones - yellow quartz, lemon quartz or amethyst - and can be finished in plain gold or with the additional diamond setting.   Lemon quartz signifies creativity, optimism and well-being.  Meditation with this stone helps you to focus on your goals with a clear and bright outlook, and make your future the way you want it to be! These earrings are all made-to-order. Prices vary depending on whether you prefer the additional diamond setting.

Earrings without diamonds are priced at around USD1,650 (HKD12,800 or GBP1025). Earrings with diamonds are around USD2,030 (HKD15,800 or GBP1316).

If you'd like to ask about ordering, size, price or anything else about these rings, please email me at

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